El Ojo de Dios (The Eye of God) brooch
El Ojo de Dios (The Eye of God) brooch
El Ojo de Dios (The Eye of God) brooch
El Ojo de Dios (The Eye of God) brooch

El Ojo de Dios (The Eye of God) brooch

Iris De La Torre
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By Iris De La Torre


This brooch is called “El Ojo de Dios” (The Eye of God).

El Ojo de Dios is the protector of the living and he is always watching over you.

He can see the whole universe through his one eye and he protects and enhances anything that he poses his gaze on to.

When designing the shape of this brooch, Iris took inspiration from human eyes and the wonderful shapes and illustrations that can be found in the arts and crafts of San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco; Mexico where her father was born.

(The Eye of God name came to me from a different source: The Eye of God of the Huichol people that inhabit the states of Nayarit, Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Durango. For the Huichol people; “el Ojo de Dios” is a beautiful object used as an offering to the Gods. The Ojo de Dios is hand made by weaving a geometric rainbow - like design out of yarn upon a wooden cross. In its ceremonial sense, the Eye of God is an offering that is made to the gods to ask for the good growth of children. The parents are in charge of elaborating the eye of God that their children will take to the drum party. In this festival the boys and girls are introduced to the gods and are initiated into the ceremonial life of the “Wixarika” people).

This brooch is beautiful, fun and light, and will make you feel dreamy and stylish!

Made of glitter black acrylic with striking big eye lashes. It comes with a base metal silver plated pin bar as well as gift box and a card with a graphic illustration of Antonio the Yellow Sun.

20 cm x 10 cm approximately.


Iris is inspired by the folkloric spirit of Mexico, it's naive art style and vibrant combinations of colour. She is influenced by 1960s graphic design and her jewellery features pattern, repetition, people, flora and fauna.