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Gego Bangle - Blue
Gego Bangle - Blue

Gego Bangle - Blue

Lynne MacLachlan
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By Lynne MacLachlan.

Size - 10 x 10 x 5 cm

Materials - Hand-dyed 3D printed nylon.

The Mesh collection was designed and developed between 2015 - 2018, following on from the groundbreaking Phase Collection. Further exploring the relationship between form and pattern and optical effects, a mesh pattern stretches across pleasingly spherical and toroid forms to create Lynne's signature Moire effects and a playful sensibility.The designs also play with the capabilities of the 3D printed materials, producing volume without weight, vibrant colours and tactile, kinetic interlocking parts. 
Lynne's designs play with light, space and colour, intending to create visual delight for wearer and viewer, leading the use of 3D printing technology and colour in design. The studio produces contemporary, striking jewellery and objects that will endure, turn heads and start conversations, aimed at those who share Lynne’s love of colour, geometry, innovative design. Lynne takes an experimental approach with digital tools, exploring and pushing the capabilities of these, using bespoke software tools and 3D printing to materialise complex forms. Combining these tools with meticulous hand finishing techniques, such as dying, polishing and construction, elevates the pieces to become artful pieces of cutting-edge design that showcase the latest creative applications of the technology.